The weekend of 26 -  28 November saw the holding of the Rotary Club of Gaborone's 7th "Donate a Can" project. This is a project that is held annually on the last weekend of November. The concept is simply that the Rotary Club of Gaborone ask the community to donate cans of food for distribution to orphans and disadvantaged children. This is done by Rotarians being stationed outside selected supermarkets and requesting the patrons entering the supermarket to consider purchasing a can for the children and then collecting the can on their way out.

This year,  the Rotarians and their families plus friends were based outside 2 supermakets at one of Gaborone's larger shopping malls. They did 3 hour stints starting at 4 pm on Friday and finishing on Sunday at 4 pm. Rotarians soon had the 'patter' going asking shoppers whether they could include an extra packet or tin with their purchases to help the orphans and needy children around Gaborone. Their generosity was quite amazing and we managed to accumulate over 30 full trolleys loads of food. The supermarkets in question also made donations to the cause based on the number of trolley loads collected from their store. Thanks go to supermarkets and their staff, all Rotarians involved in the organisation and whose  who took part over the weekend. A very big thank you needs to go to the shoppers who through their generousity made this another successful Rotary project.